Joe Irvin takes over the reins at NAVCA


Joe Irvin, has taken up his post as NAVCA’s new Chief Executive. He takes over from Kevin Curley who is retiring after 9 years in the post. Joe has quickly set out his priorities.

Joe said, “My job is to help NAVCA members through these hard times so that local voluntary and community action can survive and thrive in the future.

“NAVCA is here, first and foremost, to serve our members. I want to build upon the great work that NAVCA already does and look at how we can communicate more effectively with members. I want to make sure our actions are always guided by members.

“Secondly, we all know that we are in really tough times. I am a firm believer that we are stronger when we work together. This applies to organisations as much as it does individuals. There is a responsibility on NAVCA and other umbrella organisations to improve the way we work together, so we give better support to the sector in this time of real need.”

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