Joe Irvin's Work Programme concerns expressed in the Observer


NAVCA’s new Chief Executive was quoted in yesterdays Observer expressing NAVCA’s Work Programme concerns. The Work Programme, the government’s scheme designed to tackle unemployment, has come under fire from a number of local charities. They believe the large private prime contracting companies are treating unemployed people unfairly by failing to make proper arrangements with the local charities working to help them get back to work.

Joe Irvin, NAVCA’s Chief Executive said;

“It is really important that we represent the views of our member and local charities and voluntary organisations. There is increasing concern over the Work Programme and the relationship between the big private companies who are the prime contractors and the local charities who are delivering much of the work to get people back to work.

“The fact a national newspaper is raising this shows it is an important issue. NAVCA will continue to speak out on this issue and I am really grateful for the information that NAVCA members have provided. We need strong evidence to be able to make this case, please help NAVCA by continuing to send me your evidence and information.” 

Read the article and what Joe said.

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