NAVCA publishes regeneration report to support Transition Fund campaign


NAVCA has published a report to support the recent call made by the leading voluntary and community sector umbrella organisations, including NAVCA, for a second wave of transition funding to help regenerate the most deprived areas. The report evidences the impact of public spending cuts since 2010 on the local voluntary sector. After compiling the evidence in NAVCA’s report, NAVCA has written to George Osborne MP to further urge him to use his Budget on 21 March to provide transition funding to help people who are suffering most from public spending cuts.

NAVCA's report says that for the first time since the 1960s there is no government regeneration programme to support areas of deprivation. Since coming to power the Government has ended the Working Neighbourhoods Fund and the Performance Reward Grant. The report provides evidence of how this has adversely affected local voluntary action.

The Government provided Statutory Guidance to local authorities telling them not to make disproportionate cuts to the voluntary sector. However, the report shows that axing these funding programmes has in effect caused a disproportionate cut in funding to the local voluntary sector. Creating the second year of the Transition Fund aimed at deprived areas would begin to correct this. NAVCA also say that the fund should provide support for seaside areas, which are often overlooked by such schemes.

Joe Irvin, NAVCA's Chief Executive said,

“We are calling for a second wave of transition funding for charities, focussed on regenerating the most deprived areas. This will help organisations aid social regeneration in the most deprived communities. It is a low-cost way to quickly inject some much needed resources into organisations working in these areas. And because the work of voluntary organisations often involves intervening early to solve future problems, this can reduce the burden upon the exchequer in the longer term."

"We know that money is not plentiful - but £250 million was found to re-introduce weekly bin collections. We know that with less than this amount we can make a huge difference to people in the most deprived areas of England."

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Read NAVCA's letter to George Osborne MP

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