NAVCA welcomes Government support for early intervention


NAVCA has welcomed the reports that the work and pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith will later today announce that the government will publish tender documents to establish an Early Intervention Board. The Board will have responsibility for evaluating early intervention schemes and work out a rate of return on investment for different schemes. This means evaluating schemes to see how much is saved to the public purse by taking action to prevent problems at an early stage. This will enable investment in these interventions through social bonds.

NAVCA is a member of the Early Intervention Foundation Consortium set up by Graham Allen MP and has recently called for public bodies to allocating at least one per cent of budgets to early intervention.

Joe Irvin, NAVCA’s Chief Executive, said:

“This is a step towards a substantial increase in early intervention work. Everyone accepts the value of making early interventions to improve lives, tackle child poverty and improve people’s health.

“NAVCA is fully supportive of this idea as it can bring real benefits to local charities and voluntary groups, much of whose work concerns itself with early intervention. We believe local and small scale charities can play a big part in successful early interventions and this could be a way to support a lot more of this work.”

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