Newcastle CVS research shows charities face NHS barriers


Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of national umbrella body NAVCA, visited Newcastle CVS On Friday 25 May. His visit was to see first-hand the work of Newcastle CVS. In particular he heard about the work Newcastle CVS and Involve North East are doing to measure the impact of changes to the NHS on charities and community groups.

Newcastle CVS and Involve North East have undertaken research on the Government’s changes to the NHS. They have produced three reports showing that; GPs believe charities can help improve people’s health and well-being, people value the opportunity to exercise a degree of choice and control over their healthcare and there is potential for charities to substantially improve peoples’ health and wellbeing.

However, the research also shows charities are not giving as much help as they could because of barriers stopping local health bodies from commissioning charities to help local communities. In particular, GPs simply do not know enough about their local charities, how they are funded and how they can support them to deliver valued services to local communities.

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of NAVCA said;

 “It is great to talk to Sally Young and her team about this important research. Charities in Newcastle will benefit from this work and the work Newcastle CVS are doing to get local GPs and charities working together. Charities across the country will also benefit from this evidence that GPs and charities need to talk to each other to get the best services for local people. NAVCA members should make themselves familiar  with this research.”

Sally Young, Chief Executive of Newcastle CVS, said;

“I am really pleased that this work we have done in Newcastle is recognised as being nationally significant. Many people in Newcastle will have experience of themselves or a family member receiving help from a charity on health issues. There are big changes being made to the NHS. This work will ensure that the valuable work done by local charities isn't lost in the shift to the new NHS arrangements next March.”

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