NAVCA responds to regeneration consultation


NAVCA has formally responded to the CLG Select Committee inquiry into regeneration. The response is critical of the consultation paper, saying that it is 'exceptionally brief, lacks vision and is weak on structure and content.' NAVCA has also been invited to give evidence to the committee later in 2011.

NAVCA's response makes twelve main recommendations. The most notable are:

  • A strategic framework is required for the new approach to regeneration.  It is not sufficient or acceptable either to repackage existing schemes with new labels or to rely on the Local Growth White Paper to provide this.
  • Voluntary organisations and community groups have traditionally been the pioneers in many aspects of public policy, including regeneration.  The new approach to regeneration should not confine Voluntary organisations and community groups to the role of delivery agents; it should also provide them with an opportunity to continue to innovate in tackling deprivation and disadvantage.
  • The Select Committee is urged to recommend that the third sector, including Voluntary organisations and community groups, is given equal status alongside the public and private sectors in a new approach to regeneration.
  • Government must recognise that for neighbourhoods to improve there must be investment in the people who live there and not just in economic development projects or physical assets.
Read NAVCA's response.

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