Pathways through the maze: a guide to procurement law - 2nd edition (Oct 2010)

Pathways through the Maze cover

NAVCA and NCVO have released the second edition of the popular "Pathways through the maze: A guide to procurement law" publication. 

A free-e-version of the 2nd edition can now be downloaded.

The publication has already helped many community and voluntary organisations navigate their way through the often confusing procurement law landscape, and this second edition offers important updates which take account of the recent changes in European law.

The Guide answers the most common questions voluntary and community organisations have about procurement processes and explains the legal requirements applying to public bodies' procurement exercises.

Pathways through the maze is essential reading for:

  • Anyone in an infrastructure organisation who works with commissioning, procurement and public services.
  • All voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises interest or involved in delivering public services.
  • Public Sector commissioners wanting to improve their engagement with third sector organisations.

The updated 2nd edition of "Pathways through the maze: A guide to procurement law" can be ordered now by emailing for the price of £15 (inc. VAT and postage).

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