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The EVS project has produced many news articles and resources that have been produced during the project and we wanted to make them easily accessible on one page.

We have split the resources into different sections to make it easier to navigate and also included all the news stories featured in each of the newsletters as separate news items.

News articles

The news articles have been arranged in date order, starting with the most recent articles:

2011 Good practice using the Compact (pdf 956KB)

2011 Best value guidance (pdf 966KB)

2011 Hard to reach communities (pdf 946KB)

2011 Personalisation - Coming ready or not! (pdf 948KB)

2011 National Deaf Childrens Society (pdf 948KB)

2011 Joined Up Holidays (pdf 946KB)

2011 Consultation, what to look for (pdf 1.50MB)

2011 Roma support group JR (pdf 1.51MB)

2011 Best value guidance (pdf 1.48MB)

2011 Adult social care cuts JR (pdf 1.49MB)

2011 Personalisation, a perspective (pdf 1.52MB)

2011 Legal Advice Centers JR (pdf, 1.49MB)

2011 London Councils (pdf, 943KB)

2011 Alliance for Black Children (pdf, 952KB)

2011 National Compact (pdf, 943KB)

2011 North Yorks PCT (pdf, 950KB)

2011 Harrow MIND (pdf, 950KB)

2010 Facing cuts? (pdf, 951KB)

2010 Managing risks (pdf, 946KB)

2010 Compact renew (pdf, 949KB)

2010 Single Parent Action Network (pdf, 947KB)

2010 Compact and Full Cost Recovery (pdf, 1.49MB)

2010 Judicial Review (pdf, 1.49MB)

2010 Thurrock CVS uses Compact to challenge cuts (pdf, 1.49MB)

2010 EVS successes for 2009-10 (pdf, 1.49MB)

2010 The Ombudsman Service (1.50MB)

2010 EVS and Voice4Change working together (1.48MB)

2010 Compact Refresh (pdf, 952KB)

2010 Housing Challenges (pdf, 950KB)

2010 NAAN Compact Challenge (pdf, 946KB)

2010 ILP advice line (pdf, 951KB)

2010 National Training Awards (pdf, 952KB)

2009 LawWorks Electronic Advice (pdf, 749KB)

2009 Using the advice team (pdf, 737KB)

2009 Compact Voice (pdf, 0.98MB)

2009 Monitoring Officers (pdf, 0.97MB)

2009 Colchester Challenge (pdf, 0.97MB)

2009 Using Compact in the economic downtown (pdf, 999KB)

2009 Praxsis Compact challenge (pdf, 998KB)

2009 EVS years 1-3 summary (pdf, 0.97MB)

2009 Leicester Tenants Association Case (pdf, 0.97MB)

2008 Harrow disability judicial review (pdf, 0.97MB)

2008 Southall Black Sisters 1 (pdf, 0.97MB)

2008 Southall Black Sisters 2 (pdf, 0.98MB)

2008 Private law (pdf, 997KB)

2008 Age Concern Cumbria 1 (pdf, 999KB)

2008 Age Concern Cumbria 2 (pdf, 999KB)

2008 Protecting your organisation (pdf, 994KB)

2008 Warrington CVS (pdf, 999KB)

2007 Negotiating Service Level Agreements (pdf, 999KB)

2007 Making a complaint (pdf, 0.97MB)

2007 Equality duties (pdf, 999KB)

2007 Norwich and Norfolk Voluntary Services (pdf, 999KB)

2007 Local Strategic Partnerships (pdf, 997KB)

2006 What does it mean when a public body says it will consult? (pdf, 995KB)

2006 Lone Ranger in Salford (pdf, 997KB)

2006 Freedom of information (pdf, 997KB)

2006 The Cardiff case (pdf, 785KB)

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Resources on the Compact

The Compact and its legal status in relation to dispute resolution (pdf, 782KB)

The Compact and Public Law PowerPoint presentation (pdf, 17.4KB)

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Consultation resources

Age Concern case overview (pdf, 766KB)

Age Concern case - effects on the organisation (pdf, 766KB)

Age Concern case - the judgement (pdf, 86.2KB)

Notes on consultation processes (pdf, 253KB)

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Equalities resources - Pre Equality Act 2010

An introduction to the Disability Equality Duty (pdf, 788KB)

An introduction to the Gender Equality Duty (pdf, 781KB)

An introduction to the Race Equality Duty (pdf, 808KB)

Harrow disability case - the judgement (pdf, 132KB)

Southall Black Sisters - the case against Ealing (pdf, 775KB)

Southall Black Sisters - the judgement (pdf, 69.6KB)

The Equality Duties table (pdf, 627KB)

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Legal updates

Legal update - emerging themes and new ideas - PowerPoint presentation (pdf, 17.5KB)

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Tendering and procurement resources

Charities and local authority procurement (pdf, 44.4KB)

Guidance note on European procurement directives (an outlineby the Public Law Project for VCS groups) (pdf, 789KB)

Note on law from Pinsent Masons website (pdf, 261KB)

Tendering and procurement PowerPoint (pdf, 24.9KB)

Challenging Tender Processes (pdf 66KB)

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Resources for disputes

Information Gathering Tool - Example (pdf, 924KB) 

Resources for preventing and managing a public law dispute (pdf, 607KB)

Briefing for Children and Young People's Organisation

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