Here are a list of questions most often asked of us. If you have some others we'd love to thear them. Simply contact us and we'll get an answer back to you. 

  • What does NAVCA do?

    We are the national charity for local infrastructure organisations. Our members work with people setting up and running charities and community groups across England. Through our members, our network reaches over 160,000 local organisations – the biggest network in England. We are a campaigning movement committed to collaboration, social justice and diversity.

    Too often policy is decided by the powerful by listening to the powerful. We use information and intelligence from our members to inform and lobby government and funders so policy and funding supports local charities and community groups.

    We also work with members to help them improve the services they provide. We do this by sharing good practice, providing information and helping members to network.

  • What is local infrastructure?

    One in three of us take part in social action, doing something to make a difference in our communities. Many of us get involved with one of the 700,000 organisations that support social action. Most of this social action is self-sufficient but from time to time people need help. They need help with making community voices heard by decision makers, finding volunteers, fundraising, organisational development and keeping within the law. In other words – they need infrastructure support.

    Local infrastructure organisations help them stay up-to-date with changes in policy and legislation, work in partnership with other groups, recruit and retain volunteers, manage crises and have the foresight to grow and develop. Infrastructure doesn’t just fill a need, it also creates success. As the Office for Civil Society has said, groups accessing infrastructure support have a “substantially higher likelihood of success in grant applications and bidding for contracts”.

  • Where can I get local support?

    If you are seeking support to run your own charity or voluntary organisation then you may want to contact your local NAVCA member. 

    You can find your local NAVCA member by using our members directory.

  • How can I get involved in my local community sector?

    So many ways! Are you looking to volunteer or to work in your local community sector?

    If you want to work we have a jobs page which includes all the available jobs from our members and partners. This can include anything from Chief Executive to Administrator.

    However if you are looking to volunteer and support your local community then visit our member directory to see who to go to. Our members have great connections with a wide range of charities and community groups in your area and will be able to help you identify your next volunteering opportunity.

    Thank you for supporting local communities!

  • How I can join NAVCA?

    Join us today!  Download our application form here.

    Membership is for infrastructure organisations - those charities who provide support to other charities. Local charities and community groups can become part of our network by joining their local NAVCA member. You can find your local member here.

  • Why is social action important?

    Social action is doing something to make a difference. It is about improving society by working with others. It could be the giving of time or the giving of money. It could be getting involved in campaigns to improve where you live or setting up a community group or charity.

    Social action helps to connect people in communities. It can reduce loneliness and isolation.  It can harness the power of many to improve people’s well-being.

    Over 40% of people volunteer formally at least once a year and nearly all of us give time to others in an informal way. There are 160,000 registered charities in the UK and an estimated 600,000 ‘under the radar’ small groups and organisations.

    This shows that social action is a fundamental part of all of our lives. It improves society and it improves individual well-being. 

  • How can I work with NAVCA?

    Please get in touch we would be happy to talk about how we could work with you to promote and support social action.