Overview icon0NAVCA supports infrastructure organisations to broker new resources.

We know that services delivered by local organisations provide greater social value, save money and most crucially are what service users prefer. Issues such as devolution and the merging of local authorities mean that the geography and scope of service delivery is changing and our members have to respond to the new landscape accordingly.

Some of the ways NAVCA can help:

Working in consortia

We offer advice and guidance in developing different models of consortia to suit your needs, whether you are interested in working with your members, the private sector or a mix of organisations of different shapes and sizes. This package of support also helps you provide expert advice to local charities looking to build consortia, enabling them to compete with larger organisations. This support sits alongside our continuing campaign for grant funding and for social value to be considered in commissioning.

Mergers and collaboration

Merger and collaboration is an option many NAVCA members consider from time to time. Over recent years there have been many examples of successful mergers among the members, and NAVCA is often asked to advise members on issues they should take account of when seeking to work collaboratively or to merge. NAVCA can support your organisation(s) to map out the issues and factors that need to be taken into account, enabling you to have a clear action plan and understanding of how best to go forward.

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