Community representatives

Overview icon1NAVCA believes infrastructure organisations should be at the centre stage in community planning and decision making.

Decisions are regularly made about how public money is allocated and spent. The result of these choices impact the voluntary sector, and local public services in a massive way. NAVCA works with support and development organisations to provide the information, resources and help you need to improve local commissioning in your communities.

Some of the ways NAVCA can help:

Increasing Voluntary Sector Influence

Increasing Voluntary Sector Influence is a customer focused, interactive programme that includes modules and information specifically designed for both new and experienced representatives.

Commissioning and procurement

NAVCA has developed a variety of publications and training offers that will support your Infrastructure organisation in understanding funding, commissioning and grants, commissioning and procurement, influencing local commissioning, submitting a winning tender, the right to challenge and the procedure for getting ready for partnerships.

We also provide useful checklists in our resource bank on developing effective local networks, gathering relevant evidence for tendering and working out what you need to know.

Work in local government and need help? Ask NAVCA

The team at NAVCA are the ideal people to help you make the most of your relationships with local charities and community groups and achieve your objectives.

We offer a unique blend of quality services and great people, and have the experience, information, intelligence and ideas to help you engage with your local voluntary sector through a professional consultancy service.

Contact us if you are looking to;

  • Map the local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector
  • Refresh your commissioning strategy
  • Implement the Social Value Act and develop your own local approach
  • Provide training to the local voluntary/public sector
  • Help local non-profit health providers with personalisation