Leadership and governance

Overview icon2NAVCA can support you to develop the skills to navigate change.

The ‘new normal’ for infrastructure is a continuously challenging environment. Your organisation needs to have the right people and procedures in place to ensure you have a strong structural core as well as the confidence to adapt your approach in response to the shifting needs of your community.

Some of the ways NAVCA can help:


NAVCA chief officers and chair’s are doing an extraordinary job in extraordinary times. They do however need support to cope with the real challenges they face, especially in an increasingly competitive and commercialised environment. As well as the value that our members place on the opportunities through NAVCA to access peer support, NAVCA offers a bespoke coaching service to support the development of the insight, knowledge and resilience the modern leader needs.


NAVCA helps trustees and chief officers of member organisations to reflect on their own governance and embed best practice. Our support encompasses a wide range of governance issues: board roles and responsibilities, trustee skills, team working, the board’s relationship with the chief officer and the rest of the organisation, and how to improve performance. We carry out trustee away days and governance reviews, offer model governing documents, and provide information and networking for trustees

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