VCSE Personal Health Budget Support Network: North of England Day 1 REPEAT

This event is a repeat of the day 1 event. If you have already attended the day 1 event, please wait to be contacted with details of the day 2 event.


The latest mandate from the Government to NHS England sets out the clear expectation that by 2020, 50-100,000 people will have a personal health budget or personal budget that combines NHS funding with social care. Clinical Commissioning Groups are required to develop Sustainability and Transformation Plans, with personal health budgets and integrated budgets included in these as a way of handing more power to patients.

We know from the Evaluation of the Personal Health Budget Pilot programme that to work well personal health budgets need good support from all parts of the system and should be co-produced with people with direct experience. The best results have been experienced when people: know the budget up front; have advice and support available; have choice and flexibility over how to spend a budget; and have choice on how it is managed.

The Role of VCSE Organisations

It is clear that the Voluntary and Community Sector is central to supporting NHS England in achieving the aim to offer and deliver Personal Health Budgets to people with long term conditions. There is a strong and clear role for organisations to support CCGs in the scale up and roll out of personal health budgets, and in enabling greater choice, control and flexibility to people who are interested in taking them up. Working in partnership with CCGs, VCSE organisations are well placed to offer a range of support options for individuals which compliment the CCGs local offer around personal health budgets. Roles as diverse as promotion, signposting, person centred planning, administrative support, and direct service delivery are all opportunities which the sector can both engage in and bring personalised practices to. We invite you to be part of a co-production and support network for the Voluntary and Community sector, to prepare you to engage with Personal Health Budgets in your locality.

Who is the network for?

Expanding on the work of the Gearing Up programme (a NHS England development programme for VCSE organisations to support them to deliver information and advice on personal health budgets for people eligible for continuing health care) this network is for voluntary sector organisations which adhere to and put into practice the values underpinning personalisation, peer support and working with people with lived experience. It is for organisations that would like to offer a range of support to people who are interested in or are eligible to receive a personal health budget.

What will you get from the Network?

  • Learn more about personal health budgets

  • Regular, up to date briefings on national policy and developments

  • Know what CCGs mean by a Local Offer on personal health budgets

  • Understand how you and other VCSE organisations can work together, and with CCGs, to support the promotion of local solutions

  • Strengthened capacity and ability to support CCGs and individuals

  • Opportunity to share experiences and build local connections with a view to establishing a sustainable network.

To initiate these networks

We are holding a series of 3 learning and development days. This event is the first in the series. These days will provide you with information, advice, and guidance on the Personal Health Budget process both nationally and locally, and will support you to start to develop an engagement plan within your organisation and/or locality. They will provide an opportunity to meet others wishing to engage with Personal Health Budgets and form potential partnerships and alliances.

We are requesting a commitment to attend the 3 scheduled learning events as a minimum, with a view to building an ongoing learning and development network. Due to the potential high demand of these events, we are limiting attendance to 1 person per organisation and will be prioritising VCSE groups who can demonstrate a clear commitment to the values underpinning personalisation. If we are over-subscribed, we reserve the right to offer places to organisations who we think would most benefit.

An agenda will be sent to attendees nearer to the date, but will feature:

  • National and Local Context – what are Personal Health Budgets and what is a Local Offer?

  • Personalisation and the journey from the perspective of a personal health budget holder.

  • Ways the sector can engage.

  • Developing your ‘vision’.

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