Support for small charities welcomed

NAVCA has welcomed the announcement by Charities Minister Rob Wilson MP of support for smaller charities to help transform public services. NAVCA is particularly pleased that he used the opportunity to highlight the expertise and knowledge small charities can provide to shape services.

The Minister announced three initiatives.

  • developing a Public Service Incubator to help small charities get commissioned.
  • exploring the development of a commissioning kitemark that allow commissioners to show their commitment to small charity-friendly commissioning.
  • recruiting a new voluntary, community and social enterprise crown representative.

NAVCA members support the biggest network of charities and voluntary organisations in the country and have unrivalled knowledge of smaller local charities. Many are already using this grassroots experience to help local commissioners shape and delivery public services. This makes them well placed to work with the proposed Public Service Incubator (PSI) announced by Rob Wilson. The PSI will support smaller charities to build relationships with commissioners, collaborate with other local providers and build person-centred services to resolve complex needs. This builds on support already provided by many NAVCA members. The PSI will also measure the advantages using smaller charities to deliver public services can make.

Neil Cleeveley, Chief Executive of NAVCA, said;

“I am delighted that Rob Wilson has made a priority of helping smaller charities get more involved in shaping and delivering public services. This is an exciting initiative and we at NAVCA look forward to working with him to harness our members’ expertise, as the biggest network of small charities in England, to make this a success.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting with the new Crown Representative as soon as possible after they are appointed to offer our knowledge of local charities and commissioning. We found it really helpful to work with Michael O’Toole, the previous representative.”