Queens Speech 2017

The Government has announced its legislative plans for the coming parliament in the Queen's Speech. There are 27 bills, of which 8 relate to Brexit.

Responding to the Queen's Speech, Neil Cleeveley, Chief Executive of NAVCA said;

“Many in the local voluntary sector will be concerned  about what is missing from the Queen’s speech rather than what’s in it. As a society we have major issues to address around inequality and community cohesion. We also face an unprecedented squeeze on the services that local communities rely on such as health and education. Many of our public services are at breaking point and it is local charities that are rooted in local communities to which people turn. There is nothing in this Queen’s speech for them, it is a wasted the opportunity to confront the real issues facing communities across the country.”

“Many warned that Brexit would all consuming for the Government, and so it is proving. It appears the interests local charities and the people and local communities they serve are being pushed into the background.”