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On this site you will find information to support local voluntary and community action.

NAVCA believes voluntary and community action offers solutions to the challenges we face. Action rooted in communities brings local people together to campaign, volunteer and provide services. Uniquely, NAVCA is a national membership organisation with a grassroots view. Our membership network of over 350 local support and development charities keeps us in touch with the views of local charities and community groups from across the whole of England.

Members directory NAVCA Essentials is a new service designed to help members and help the local community organisations they support. Dementia friends

Recent blog entries

  • National Conversation
    Rachel Rhodes
    27th Jun 2014 at 05:05

    Yesterday I attended a Public Health England event - the National Conversation on Health Inequalities. On the way down, I have to admit to having reservations: another day of the read more...

  • ChangeUp ten years on – where next?
    Barney Mynott
    24th Jun 2014 at 01:01

    Rob Macmillan

    What were you up to ten years ago?

    On 24th June 2004, it was cold, windy and wet over much of the country, Britney Spears read more...

  • The future of infrastructure
    Neil Cleeveley
    19th Jun 2014 at 02:02

    Welcome to this first blog on the work of the Independent Commission on the Future of Local Infrastructure, which NAVCA has asked read more...

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NAVCA’s quarterly survey hints at possible up-turn

The findings from NAVCA's latest quarterly survey of members suggests that whilst the outlook may not be improving for many it has at least stabilised. The survey, the 9th in the series, read more...

Charity Commission plans for annual returns will harm smaller charities

NAVCA believes that the Charity Commission's proposals for the 2015 Annual Return need a major rethink and should not proceed in their current form. read more...

NAVCA publish response to local sustainability fund consultation

NAVCA has published its response to the Local Sustainability Fund consultation. The consultation seeks views on the design and delivery of a proposed new fund, worth up to £40m, aimed read more...

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