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On this site you will find information to support local voluntary and community action.

NAVCA believes voluntary and community action offers solutions to the challenges we face. Action rooted in communities brings local people together to campaign, volunteer and provide services. Uniquely, NAVCA is a national membership organisation with a grassroots view. Our membership network of over 350 local support and development charities keeps us in touch with the views of local charities and community groups from across the whole of England.

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  • Volunteers are people too!
    Joe Hoskins
    16th Aug 2015 at 10:10

    Volunteering can be a wonderful thing. It enables you to get involved in areas that interest you, help you learn new skills or develop existing ones and genuinely contribute to read more...

  • What do you do for CICs?
    Barney Mynott
    1st Jul 2015 at 03:03

    By a NAVCA member Chief Officer.

    In our region we have a number of organisations who help to read more...

  • My Community
    Barney Mynott
    18th Jun 2015 at 04:04

    Clare Roebuck, Locality

    What would make your community a better place: a vibrant high street, more jobs, improved services, green spaces and a thriving read more...

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NAVCA welcomes Stuart Etherington’s infrastructure speech

NAVCA has welcomed Sir Stuart Etherington's speech on the future of infrastructure. The NCVO Chief Executive was speaking at the launch of Big Assist's Beacons for Change initiative read more...

Fundraising Review reports

The review of the self-regulation of fundraising, led by Stuart Etherington, has published its report and recommendations. read more...

Judicial review consultation

NAVCA has responded to a consultation on changes to judicial review. The consultation by the Ministry of Justice focused on achieving transparency over the way judicial reviews are read more...

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Our Quality Award evaluates the impact of services offered to voluntary and community groups by a local infrastructure organisation.

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