We talked to members about the importance of collective voice - here's what they said

June 20, 2024

Our annual conference last month brought members together to network, share ideas and learn from each other. When we spoke to members, partners and stakeholders, we heard about the importance of collective voice, the power of local infrastructure, and how being a NAVCA member means being part of a movement for positive change and thriving communities. We are so pleased to launch our new video, filmed at the conference, ahead of the general election, to really emphasise the importance of partnerships and collaboration.

As we launched 'The power of local infrastructure: working in partnership for thriving communities', we know that we also need to amplify the voices of members as we lead up to the general election. That's why we spoke to members at our conference, to hear from them about why collaboration, partnerships and leadership are so important.

Watch the video above, and join the conversation on LinkedIn to let us know what you think.