The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) brings organisations together to deliver a coordinated response to emergencies.

NAVCA co-chairs the VCSEP, bringing together specialist response and community organisations to plan for, respond to and learn from emergencies.  We ensure that our members well connected into the partnership.

Responding quickly and effectively during a crisis is important to keep communities safe and prevent escalation of the incident. By ensuring that local infrastructure organisations are at the heart of emergency planning, communities are supported and strengthened to respond to crisis events such as a flood or other environmental emergencies, health-related crises, terrorist attacks or other incidents.

Local infrastructure organisations have a strong understanding of what’s happening in their communities, and where potential risks are highest.

They have trusted relationships with a range of  small charities and community groups, health systems, statutory bodies and more. They can bring these organisations together to plan for emergencies and respond when a crisis occurs.

Before and during an emergency, a local infrastructure organisation can:

  • Use its trusted relationships to engage widely with communities;
  • Build networks and connections between groups to support preparation and recovery;
  • Make connections between the voluntary sector and statutory services;
  • Gather and share intelligence from communities, for example where a particularly vulnerable group might need support;
  • Gather and circulate information and intelligence with communities about the emergency;
  • Mobilise volunteers, for example to distribute essential goods.

When the voluntary sector is not appropriately connected into emergency planning and crisis response, people may not be able to access appropriate help, or intelligence and connections may be lost.

The VCS Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) is a network which brings together community-focused and specialist response organisations. VCSEP plays a crucial role in major emergencies, including preparedness planning, coordinating responses, building capacity, and providing learning on what works best.