Our commitments to the Vision for Volunteering

February 12, 2024

From shifting power imbalances to retaining the flexibility and experimentation that developed throughout the pandemic, the Vision for Volunteering sets out how we can improve the volunteering experience over the next decade, in order to strengthen our communities. Each partner was invited to set out our own commitments to bringing the Vision to life, and we are sharing ours in this blog post.

Supporting our members

Encouraging and nurturing volunteering is a key role that our members play in their local communities. We know that when more people volunteer, communities are strengthened. That's why we will continue to support our members to develop strong local ecosystems for volunteering so that everyone can volunteer in ways that are meaningful to them. This means that by 2032 we have helped our members reach into all communities in their patch with opportunities for all types of volunteering.  

Quality accreditation

We also know that our members and local volunteer centres provide an amazing service for people looking to volunteer and volunteer-involving organisations. That's why we will help to make sure that local good quality support is clearly signposted and readily available for people wanting to volunteer and organisations wanting to involve volunteers. By 2032 we commit to implementing and continually improving the Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation as the gold standard of recognition for local volunteer centres delivering excellent volunteering brokerage, opportunities and best practice.

Connecting communities

Our members play a vital role in encouraging collaboration and building partnerships in their local area. This might be through connecting small charities with aspiring volunteers, or by working with the local authority to ensure that the voluntary and community sector can thrive.

We will know that we have succeeded in connecting people into their communities through volunteering because we will instigate a collaboration of interested organisations to quantify the impact and importance of local volunteering, in all its different forms. By 2032 these new metrics will help the impact of volunteering in all forms be more widely acknowledged and appreciated.  

Share your commitment

We have already shared the volunteering work of one of our amazing members, CVS Tendring, in relation to the Vision for Volunteering. We hope that by sharing our commitments, our members will be inspired to make some of their own. If you're a NAVCA member and would like to share your story, please get in touch.

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